Science Links

World Year of Physics 2005 PhysLink — “comprehensive resource tools for physicists and physics students.”

PhysicsWeb — European site is particularly good for news.

Science: Physics — from Yahoo.

Physics Central — American Physical Society site presents research, news, and background information at the level of high school physics.

Physical Review Focus — short, readable explanations, roughly at the level of a first year physics graduate student, of selected research articles from the American Physical Society journals.

Physics 2000 — An interactive journey through modern physics, presented by the University of Colorado.

The Net Advance of Physics — gateway to essays, lecture notes, books, and more.

American Institute of Physics — includes statistics on salaries, enrollments, degrees, etc. Physical Science Resource Center — extensive site from the American Association of Physics Teachers.

The Laws List — laws, rules, principles, effects, paradoxes, limits, constants, & experiments.

A Dictionary of Measures, Units, and Conversions How Stuff Works — explanations of the physics of every day life by Marshall Brain.

University Physics Departments — more than 1600 of them around the world.
Atomic Physics — worldwide list maintained in Israel.

Biophysics Black Holes and Neutron Stars — virtual trips by Robert Nemiroff.

Bose-Einstein Condensation — from JILA, where it was demonstrated in 1995.

Cosmology Books and Links Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Energy Efficiency web sites eFluids — flow engineering, fluid mechanics research, education and directly related topics.

History of Science History of Physics History of Astronomy A Century of Physics — presented by the American Physical Society (See this exhibit in the SSU Library)

The Discovery of the Electron — Celebrating the centennial of this great discovery.

Heisenberg and the Uncertainty Principle — from David Cassidy and the AIP Center for History of Physics.

J. Robert Oppenheimer Centennial — includes extensive exhibit, at UC Berkeley

Transistorized — The history of the invention of the transistor, accompaniment to PBS television series.

Nanotechnology — by Ralph C. Merkle

Neuroscience Nuclear Energy, Weapons, and Applications — Todd's Atomic Homepage Nuclear Fusion Basics Nuclear Physics: Exploring the Table of Isotopes—from LBNL.

Optical Society of America Particle Physics — an introduction provided by Fermilab.

Particle-Surface Resources on the Internet Photovoltaic Power — from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Relativity on the World Wide Web — by Chris Hillman and John Baez. The Soundry — an interactive, and educational web site about sound.

Spectroscopy Now Superconductivity — a guide for teachers. Superstrings

String Theory: The Official Web Site — basics, cosmology, interviews, and more, by Patricia Schwarz.

The Elegant Universe, companion to the Nova television program by Brian Greene.

Superstrings — by John Pierre

The Second Superstring Revolution — by John H. Schwarz

X-Ray Interactions with Matter — from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

X-Ray WWW Server — from the University of Uppsala. 

The Doppler effect — Hear a car pass you at 30 mi/h.

Fundamental Physical Constants — from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

How ProductsAre Made — detailed descrptions of various everyday products and the history of their invention and usage

Nanoworld — magnifications up to 20 million, courtesy of Australian chemists.

Nobel Prizes in Physics Physicists on Stamps Physics Humor Links — by Doug Craigen.

Science Made Stupid — delightful humor by Tom Weller.

Scholarly Societies: Physics — list compiled at the University of Waterloo Library

Sport Science — includes the physics of baseball, hockey, rock climbing, etc.

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The Physics of Archery

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